Гос.тер.Дарс жадвали 2018-2019 анг.

Training of students at the given stage includes:

  1. Lecturing in the Uzbek and Russian languages for students of medical and medico-preventive faculties.
  2. Carrying out of a practical training with use of the advanced pedagogical technologies and modern means.
  3. Training to the practical skills provided for 4 and 5 courses within the limits of the program of preparation GP. Following pedagogical technologies are used:

– A step-by-step method

– Trainings for the purpose of finishing to automatism

– Business games, interactive methods


  1. After class, students can engage directly in the library of the department with a collection of over two thousand items (books, magazines, multimedia options of lectures, electronic library – electronic textbooks in Uzbek and Russian languages ​​, CDs with lectures of eminent scientists of the CIS countries) .
  2. For the development of practical skills in the department has a ” Room of development of practical skills ,” where you can train for removal and ECG interpretation , PKG , VEM , modeling and decoding of heart sounds on the computer , the interpretation of X-rays, echocardiograms , microscopy LE phenomenon and much more.
  3. Are held for a period of frame special training on each subgroup on practical skills (ECG, echocardiography , diagnosis, noise , arrhythmias , pikflourometriya , etc.) , the occupation is a teacher of the group. The theme defines the band.
  4. Daily duty in the department of counseling students on obscure issues and curating patients.
  5. When on duty, students are attracted to the provision of medical care to patients in the hospital wards with the doctor on duty, participate in relieving urgent conditions, etc.

Introduced distance learning via the Internet – the electronic versions of the lectures, the method of implementation of practical skills.