Extensive work on "Search for new ways to increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and 
treatment of internal diseases. Reasonable methods of prevention" is being carried out at 
the Department of Occupational Pathology, Faculty No. 1 and the Faculty of Hospital Therapy 
of the Tashkent Medical Academy.
State registration number 01.070070
Approved department subject:
"Early diagnosis and innovative treatment of autoimmune diseases"
The implementation of the theme of the department was integrated with the clinical and 
biochemical departments of the Central Laboratory of the Multidisciplinary Clinic TMA MITL 
and the Institute of Immunology UzResFA.
The purpose of the study:
Development and implementation of new methods of early diagnosis, treatment and prevention 
of autoimmune systemic diseases.
Scientific novelty: Transient features of early rheumatoid arthritis, polyangit 
granulomatosis (Vegener), modern approaches in diagnosis and rational treatment methods. 
Clinical diagnostic features of rheumatoid arthritis with chlamydial infection have been